Academic Year 2020/21:


Past Teaching:

Winter Quarter 2020 (UCLA):

Prescriptive Models and Data Analytics (MSBA Program)

As companies invest in the accumulation of large data assets as well as experimentation platforms, a key priority is to develop the capabilities for unlocking the value of these data resources. Central to this challenge is developing the human resources to perform data analytics. The goal of this course is to enhance your ability to perform transparent, rigorous, and convincing data analytics. The specific aims are to:


  1. Learn advanced marketing analytic methods with a focus on “big data” methods and experimentation through A/B testing

  2. Gain an understanding of which strategy is best suited for solving a specific business challenge


In order to achieve those goals the course will have a strong focus on applications. We will cover the basic statistical foundations of each method with a focus on an intuitive understanding of the relevant econometrics. In practice, we will work on a set of in-class exercises that allow you to implement each method based on real data using the statistical software R.

More details and the course syllabus can be found here: PMDA_Syllabus

MGMT-201B: Theory and Application of Regression Analysis (PhD Class)

201B is a PhD level introduction to micro-econometrics, focusing on proper interpretation of regression analyses and causal inference. Detailed syllabus can be found here: 201B_Syllabus