Working Papers

Optimal Price Targeting

(with Adam Smith and Ishant Aggarwal)

Last updated: April 2021

Large-Scale Demand Estimation with Search Data 

(with Tomomichi Amano and Andrew Rhodes)

Last updated: March 2019

Published / Accepted Papers

Estimation of Preference Heterogeneity in Markets with Costly Search

(with Ilya Morozov, Xiaojing Dong, and Liwen Hou) 

Marketing Science (forthcoming)

The Impact of Soda Taxes: Pass-through, Tax Avoidance, and Nutritional Effects

(with Anna Tuchman and Song Yao)

Journal of Marketing Research, February 2021, 58(1), pp. 22-49.

Does Online Word-of-Mouth Increase Demand? (and How?) Evidence from a Natural Experiment

(with Song Yao and Wenbo Wang) 

Marketing Science, December 2017, 36(6), pp. 838-861.

The Impact of Advertising along the Conversion Funnel

(with Song Yao) 

Quantitative Marketing and Economics, September 2017, 15(3), pp. 241-278.
Runner-up, Dick Wittink Award, 2018

Multi-Category Competition and Market Power: A Model of Supermarket Pricing

(with Øyvind Thomassen, Howard Smith and Pasquale Schiraldi)

American Economic Review, August 2017, 107(8), pp. 2308-2351.

Estimating Search Benefits from Path-Tracking Data: Measurement and Determinants

(with Fabio Pinna) 

Marketing Science, July 2017, 36(4), pp. 565-589

Free to Choose? Reform, Choice and Consideration Sets in the English National Health Service

(with Martin Gaynor and Carol Propper)

American Economic Review, November 2016, 106(11), pp. 3521-3557.
Kenneth J. Arrow Award for the Best Paper in Health Economics in 2016

Cumulative Growth in User-Generated Content Production: Evidence from Wikipedia 

(with Aleksi Aaltonen) 

Management Science, July 2016, 62(7), pp. 2054-2069.

The Impact of Competition on Management Quality: Evidence from Public Hospitals 

(with Nicholas Bloom, Carol Propper and John Van Reenen)

Review of Economic Studies, April 2015, 82(2), pp. 457-489.

The Impact of Search Costs on Consumer Behavior: A Dynamic Approach

Quantitative Marketing and Economics, June 2013, 11(2), pp. 155-203 (Lead article).
Dick Wittink Award, 2014

Other Publications

Causal Inference in Word-of-Mouth Research: Methods and Results

(with Song Yao and Georgios Zervas)

in preparation for Customer Analytics for Maximum Impact: Academic Insights and Business Use Cases, Taylor & Francis (CRC Press), edited by S. Seetharaman.

Advancing Non-Compensatory Choice Models in Marketing

(with Anocha Aribarg, Thomas Otter, Daniel Zantedeschi, Greg M. Allenby, Taylor Bentley, David J. Curry, Marc Dotson, Ty Henderson, Elisabeth Honka, Rajeev Kohli, Kamel Jedidi and Xin (Shane) Wang)

Customer Needs and Solutions, March 2018,  5(1-2), pp. 82-92.

Comments on "Costly Search and Considerations Sets in Storable Goods Markets" by Tiago Pires

Quantitative Marketing and Economics, September 2016, 14(3), pp. 197-200. 

In Defence of our Research on Competition in England's National Health Service 

(with Nicholas Bloom, Zack Cooper, Martin Gaynor, Stephen Gibbons, Simon Jones, Alistair McGuire, Rodrigo Moreno-Serra, Carol Propper, John Van Reenen)

The Lancet, December 2011, 378(9809), pp. 2064 – 2065.